February 25, 2012

Premiums for pledging to WNHU and the Black Diamond Show

Premium List updated for March 5 show!

Please call 1-203-479-8807 and and support WNHU during our shows on Feb. 27 and March 5.

Thanks for your support of WNHU and its mission to serve both the University of New Haven and the larger community: southern Connecticut via 88.7 FM and the entire world via www.wnhu.net! Pledges of any amount ($5 to $5,000 [I can dream, can't I?]) are welcome. In addition to the regular incentives for donors to WNHU, we have some special premiums for Black Diamond Show listeners who call in and pledge $25 $50 or more.

After the 2/27 show, we still have both pairs of Doyle Lawson tix ($50 donation) and most of the CDs ($25 donation--reduced!) available.

Tix for Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, Hamden, April 27

After we prepared the Feb. 27 show, Chris Wuerth from Guitar Town contacted us and donated two (2) pair of tickets to the Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver concert at the Unitarian Society Hall in Hamden, CT, on Friday, April 27. For a donation of $50 to WNHU, you can get a pair of tickets to this fabulous show.

Doyle and his band are winners of 14 IBMA awards including vocal group of the year seven times. They also have four Grammy nominations, 37 SPBGMA awards, and five Dove gospel awards. You can order tix from Guitar Town now. OR you can save $10 and get a pair of tix by donating $50 to WNHU! This is a steal of a deal!

Pick a CD! Exclusive offer for Black Diamond Show listeners

We have a passel of great CDs available, too. Only one copy of each CD is available. First come first served. Call 1-203-479-8807 during the Black Diamond Show, make your pledge for $25 $50, and choose one of these CDs.
  1. 23 String Band, Catch 23, 2011. Courtesy 23 String Band.
  2. April Verch, Steal the Blue, 2008. Courtesy Fire in the Kitchen Concerts & Slab Town Records.
  3. Barefoot Movement, Footwork, 2011. Courtesy Jared Ingersol & Lonesome Records.
  4. Bearfoot, American Story, 2011. Courtesy Fire in the Kitchen Concerts, TG2 Artists & Compass Records. Thanks!
  5. Chris Stuart & Backcountry, Saints and Strangers, 2003. Courtesy Chris Stuart. Thanks!
  6. Dan Crary & Thunderation, Perfect Storm, 2011. Courtesy Blue Night Records.
  7. David Harvey et al., Moody Bluegrass Two… Much Love: a Nashville Celebration of the Moody Blues, 2011. Courtesy David Harvey and Bunny Rae Records.
  8. Donna Ulisse, An Easy Climb, 2011. Courtesy Hadley Music Group.
  9. Downtown Rambers, On the Other Side of the City, 2011. Courtesy DTR Music Productions.
  10. Frank Solivan II, I am a Rambler, 2002. Courtesy Frank Solivan & Fiddlemon Music.
  11. Frank Solivan II, Selfish Tears, 2006. Courtesy Frank Solivan & Fiddlemon Music.
  12. Grant Dermody, Lay My Burden Down, 2010. Courtesy Hearth Music & Grant Dermody.
  13. Ivan Rosenberg & The Foggy Hogtown Boys, The Hogtown Sessions, 2011. Courtesy Hearth Music & Vole-o-Tone Records. Thanks!
  14. Jackstraw, Sunday Never Comes, 2011. Courtesy Hearth Music & Jackstraw.
  15. Jim Lauderdale, Reason & Rhyme: Bluegrass Songs by Robert Hunter & Jim Lauderdale, 2011. Courtesy Sugar Hill Records.
  16. John Reischman & the Jaybirds, Vintage & Unique, 2011. Courtesy Hearth Music & Corvus Records. Thanks!
  17. Manic Mountain Boys, The Manics Pick on Monahan: an irreverent tribute to Tom Monahan, 2011. Courtesy the Manic Mountain Boys and Compassionate Care ALS.
  18. Mark Grobner & Ken Kolodner, Sun Rise: Hammered dulcimer solos and duets, 2011. Courtesy Ken Kolodner.
  19. Missy Werner Band, Three Kinds of Lonesome, 2011. Courtesy Missy Werner.
  20. Nora Jane Struthers, Nora Jane Struthers, 2010. Courtesy Fire in the Kitchen Concerts, Blue Pig Music & Nora Jane Struthers.
  21. Scott Prouty, Puncheon Floor, 2010. (A good old-time music CD!)
  22. Spring Creek, Hold on Me, 2011. Courtesy Spring Creek.
  23. Steve Spurgin, Past Perfect, 2011. Courtesy Blue Night Records.
  24. Travers Chandler & Avery County, State of Depression, 2010. Courtesy Travers Chandler & Patuxnet Music.
  25. Various Artists, Old-Time Music On the Air Volume Two, 1996. (Used copy. I bought 2 by mistake. A classic from Rounder Records.)
  26. Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa, It’s Gonna be a Beautiful Day!, 2011. Courtesy Raincoe Music.

Contacting WNHU

Try one of the following methods of contacting us.

  1. Call 1-203-479-8807. We are scheduled to have three people splitting the phone duties between Noon and 2pm on March 5.
  2. If no one answers at 1-203-479-8807, or if you call after the show is over, be patient. Let the phone ring up to 15 times. Voice mail will prompt you for your information (Name, address, show supporting, amount). If you get the machine prompt instead of one of the three people on phone duty and want a premium, email me.
  3. Mail WNHU a check and write "Black Diamond Show" on the memo line. The address is WNHU, University of New Haven, 300 Boston Post Road, West Haven, CT 06516. If you email me that you have donated at least $25, you can choose one of the CDs from the premium list. ($50 for Doyle Lawson tickets.)
  4. Email me the pledge you'd like to make and I'll forward the information to WNHU. If you're pledging $25 or $50 or more, choose a premium from the premium list.

Remember, all premiums are first come first served.


  1. Revised after the 2/27 edition of the Black Diamond Show.

  2. I'll keep updating the premium list as folks claim them. Thanks for your support!