September 27, 2010

Playlist for Black Diamond Show 9/27/10 WNHU 88.7 FM, West Haven, CT, and

Monroe Brothers (1937) oldest recording today. Lots of 2010 recordings: Willie Nelson, Albemarle Ramblers, Matt Brown, Cherryholmes, & Blue Highway. And plenty of good stuff in between!

1 Don Stover -- Black Diamond
2 Warrior River Boys -- Midnight Train
3 Big Medicine -- Tennessee Breakdown
4 Banjo Dan & The Mid Nite Plowboys -- Stagolee
5 Monroe Brothers -- He Will Set Your Fields on Fire
6 Jerry Douglas -- We Hide and Seek
7 Lefty Frizzell -- Don't Let Her See Me Crying
8 Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper -- Farewell for a Little While
9 Nashville Bluegrass Band -- Angeline the Baker
10 Blue Highway -- Live on Down the Line
11 Bluegrass Album Band -- The Old Home Town
12 Albemarle Ramblers -- Reuben's Train
13 Tim O'Brien -- Foggy, Foggy Dew
14 Bryan Sutton -- Decision at Glady Fork
15 Hank Williams -- I'm a Long Gone Daddy
16 Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver -- I Know, I Know
17 Willie Nelson -- You Done Me Wrong
18 Cherryholmes -- The Harder I Fall
19 Wolfe Brothers String Band -- Gal in the Galax Jail
20 Merle Travis -- Sweet Temptation
21 Kenny Baker -- Lost Indian
22 Matt Brown -- Time Has Made a Change
23 Del McCoury & His Dixie Pals -- In My Mind to Ramble
24 Chris Stuart -- The Last Yellow Rose
25 The Freight Hoppers -- Kentucky Whiskey
26 Benny Thomasson -- Jack of Diamonds
27 Mark Graham -- John Henry
28 Quebe Sisters Band -- Home in San Antone
29 Red State Ramblers -- Groundhog
30 Critton Hollow String Band -- St. Basil's Hymn
31 The Country Gentlemen -- Drifting Too Far From the Shore
32 Ronnie Bowman -- Four Wheel Drive
33 Hubie King & Diane Jones -- Baby O/Stillhouse
34 John Reischman & The Jaybirds -- Over the Levee
35 Perfect Strangers -- Evening Shade
36 Don Stover -- Black Diamond

September 22, 2010

Playlist for Black Diamond Show9/20/10 (WNHU, 88.7 FM, West Haven, CT, and

The second year of the Black Diamond Show got off to a great start: Train Songs, Banjo Songs, Songs by Ladies, a Cowboy Set, and a set of Jimmie Rodgers songs! Thanks for all you support. Was thrilled to hear from Maggie from Michigan, Fred from PA, and Greg from DE this week!

Here's the playlist--Bluegrass and Beyond!!

1 Don Stover -- Black Diamond
2 Lonesome River Band -- Tomahawk
3 Wolfe Brothers -- I'm Too Young to Marry
4 Delmore Brothers -- She Left Me Standing on the Mountain
5 Alison Krauss & Union Station -- Bright Sunny South
6 Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass Boys -- Molly & Tenbrooks
7 Foghorn Duo -- My Horses Ain't Hungry
8 Austin Lounge Lizards -- Banjo Players in Heaven
9 Big Medicine -- The Old Gray Mare
10 Snuffy Jenkins -- House of David Blues
11 Wade Ward -- Shady Grove
12 Bluegrass Album Band -- The Old Home Town
13 Chris Stuart & Backcountry -- Paul & Peter Walked
14 Dailey & Vincent -- By the Mark
15 Doc Watson -- Preacher's Bicycle Story
16 Doc & Mere Watson -- Jimmy's Texas Blues
17 Jimmie Rodgers -- Waiting for a Train
18 Tim O'Brien -- California Blues
19 Jimmie Rodgers -- In the Jailhouse Now
20 Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass Boys -- When the Cactus is in Bloom
21 Joe Newberry -- The Train that Carried My Girl From Town
22 Stanley Brothers -- Train 45
23 Bob & Danny Paisley -- The Evening Train
24 The Dixie Travelers -- Blue Railroad Train
25 Hank Thompson -- This Train
26 Ricky Skaggs -- Branded Whereever I Go
27 Dirk Powell -- Wake Robin/Little Cowboy
28 Chris Jones & The Night Drivers -- Cowboys Ain't Supposed to Cry
29 Bill Boyd's Cowboy Ramblers -- The Windswept Desert
30 Earl Scruggs, Hylo Brown & The Timberliners -- Earl's Breakdown
31 Red State Ramblers -- Indian Ate the Woodchuck
32 Kenny & Amanda Smith Band -- I'd Jump the Mississippi
33 Critton Hollow -- Irina's Waltz
34 Luke & Jenny Anne Bulla -- Talahassee
35 Dolly Parton -- I'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open
36 Alecia Nugent -- The Last Greyhound
37 Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet -- Santa Anna's Retreat/Kitchen Gal
38 April Verch -- He's Holding On To Me
39 Quebe Sisters Band -- Every Whichaway
40 Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper -- Troubles 'Round My Door
41 Don Stover -- Black Diamond

September 13, 2010

Black Diamond Show Playlist: First Anniversary Edition: 9/13/10 WNHU 88.7 West Haven CT &

It's hard to believe that Bryan and his staff have let us on WNHU's airwaves for a year now! I'm enjoying bringing you the music--and I hope you've been enjoying it, too!

This week, the show is a mixture of old favorites, new material, and material new to the show. Before I post the playlist, I want to mention a band that I heard for the first time at the Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival.

Quebe Sisters Band Sweeping the country from their home base in Fort Worth, TX, are the Quebe Sisters Band. Grace, Sophie, and Hulda Quebe are all extremely talented fiddlers and singers, and play and sing with brilliant harmonies. In short, they are the musical offspring of the Andrews Sisters and The Wills Brothers (Bob Wills, and his brothers Johnnie Lee, Billy Jack, and Luke). I'd never heard them before--but listeners will hear them on the Black Diamond Show in the coming weeks! Joey McKenzie and his wife Sherry have been their teachers and mentors for years. Joey himself is an award-winning fiddler and now he arranges the Quebe sisters' material and provides an extremely strong rhythm guitar base. And Drew Phelps is one of the most versatile bassists I've seen in a long time--he and Joey provide a spare yet driving rhythm section for the three sisters. Search YouTube for some of their performances. If they make it up to the Northeast, you should pack up the old station wagon and take the kids out to hear them play. Very talented and very entertaining!

And now, on to the playlist! Thanks, for your support!

1 Don Stover -- Black Diamond
2 Hank Williams -- Hey Good Looking
3 Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass Boys -- I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
4 Horseflies -- Benson's Dream
5 Big Country Bluegrass -- The Boys in Hats and Ties
6 Michael Cleveland & Jesse Brock -- Jerusalem Ridge
7 Kenny & Amanda Smith Band -- Do The Best You Can
8 Flatt & Scruggs & The Foggy Mountain Boys -- Cabin on the Hill
9 Kathy Mattea -- Sally in the Garden
10 Red Clay Ramblers -- Rabbit in the Pea Patch
11 Kathy Mattea -- Dark as a Dungeon
12 Stanley Brothers & George Shuffler -- Nine Pound Hammer
13 Caleb Klauder -- My Baby Came Back
14 Fly By Night String Band -- Waldorf Reel
15 Delia Bell & Bill Grant -- The Wall
16 Brown's Ferry Four -- Over in the Gloryland
17 Merle Travis -- Cane Bottom Chair
18 Paul Williams & the Victory Trio -- I'm Looking for Home
19 Benny Thommasson -- Grey Eagle
20 Jimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys -- Sunny Side of the Mountain
21 Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys -- Time Changes Everything
22 Bluegrass Album Band -- Chalk Up Another One
23 Freight Hoppers -- Dark Hollow Blues
24 Sophie Quebe -- Sally Johnson
25 Quebe Sisters Band -- You Don't Care What Happens to Me
26 Blue Moon Rising -- Freight Train
27 Steve Martin -- Wally on the Run
28 Big Medicine -- Dunbar
29 Doc & Merle Watson -- Greenville Trestle High
30 Adam Hurt w/Chance McCoy -- Sweet Bundy
31 Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass -- Drowning Sailor
32 Matt Brown, Paul Brown, & Beverly Smith -- Old Joe Clark
33 Cadillac Sky -- Can't Trust the Weatherman
34 Chris Brashear & Peter McLaughlin -- These Old Prison Bars
35 Reed Island Rounders -- George Booker
36 Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper -- I'm Ridin' This Train
37 Don Stover -- Black Diamond

September 6, 2010

Playlist for Black Diamond Show tribute to Miss Rusty J 9/6/10 WNHU 88.7

Today's playlist for the BDS tribute to Miss Rusty J, with some notes about why the songs were selected:
  1. Don Stover, Black Diamond. The show's theme. Don, like Miss Rusty J, was originally from West Virginia.
  2. Al Dexter & his Troopers, Pistol-Packin' Mama. Rusty and I had a nice phone conversation after I played this track last fall. She told me how much she like Al Dexter, Bob Wills, and all that Western Swing that would be on the radio when she was young.
  3. Sonny Treadway, At the Cross. So much of the music that Rusty would play on her shows came out of the southern R&B tradition--which in turn came out of the southern, African-American, Gospel tradition. This track and the next one are taken from "Sacred Steel," an old Arhoolie compilation of African-American pedal steel guitar music recorded at a variety of small churches in rural Florida. Rusty also told me that she thought it was important to play a Gospel number--even on her "music for growed folks" shows.
  4. Sonny Treadway, Amazing Grace. This song originated in England, lyrics by the slave-trader turned preacher John Newton. The version we know is set to the tune "New Britain" by South Carolinian William Walker, and has become a classic in little churches all across the Southeast US--and beyond! It is a standard in the African-American Gospel canon.
  5. The Stanley Brothers, Angel Band. Even though the Stanley Brothers are from Virginia, this is a great rendition of a traditional country Gospel number.
  6. Hazel Dickens, West Virginia, My Home. A classic tribute to the state that Rusty called home.
  7. Rose Maddox w/ Vern Williams Band, Rusty Old Halo. I have two versions of this Gospel number: a stately and beautiful one by Mahalia Jackson, and an uptempo country version by Rose Maddox. I chose to go with the uptempo Rose Maddox version--first, it's spunk reminds me of Rusty's energy; second, Rose Maddox was a veteran of the 1940's Western Swing era, when she sang with her brothers as "The Maddox Brothers and Rose." Well, anyway, here's hoping that Miss Rusty J received a shiny new halo, a full and fluffy cloud, and a brand-new set of wings. Amen.
  8. Ruth Brown, Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean. This 1953 recording might very well have been something Miss Rusty would have played on one of her shows.

We'll be back next week (M 9/13) with a regular edition of the Black Diamond Show, noon-2pm, on WNHU, 88.7 FM in West Haven, CT, and online at